'Batman' Adam West gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


West is best known for playing TV's caped crusader in the series from the mid-1960s. The role turned out to be his biggest hit.

"What a wonderful day this is. And as you get older, you learn to appreciate these moments more and more," West said.

With help from the radio personalities at KROQ, fans made Thursday's moment happen.

"Thank you Kevin and Bean, and all your listeners. What you did, you kept these people fired up, into a frenzy, so they would send money and pay for my star," West joked.

In particular, KROQ's Ralph Garman was behind the crusade for the caped crusader.

"Adam West is my hero," Garman said. "When I was a kid, Adam West was a hero because of who he played. Adam's 'Batman' was everything to me. He taught me right from wrong, good versus evil, and most significantly, the importance of driving a really cool car!"

And that car, the Batmobile, was at the event. "Family Guy" creator Seth McFarlane was also on hand. West voices the town mayor on the show.

"It is my hope that at age 110, I will see you at 'Family Guy' conventions signing autographs for a whole new generation of loners and psychopaths," McFarlane said.

West's star has its home in front of the Guiness World Record Museum.

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