Carson to install surveillance cameras on Avalon Blvd.

CARSON, Calif.

The system is being paid for by a federal grant from the Obama stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. There is no cost for the Carson City Council.

This week the Carson City Council unanimously approved seven new cameras for intersections.

"If you are going to do a crime in Carson, don't do it here," said Carson Mayor Pro Tem Julie Ruiz-Raber.

The cameras will be monitored by the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept, who will also have access to five new license-plate readers.

Some wonder if Carson is overstepping constitutional bounds.

Asked her response to those who bring up concerns over "Big Brother"-style surveillance, Ruiz-Raber said: "I say you're safer in Carson but there is no 'Big Brother' watching you. We're watching crime happening."

"I don't believe that, because if other people are doing bad things around you, they'll ask you questions and I don't like people asking me stuff," said resident Tone Farmer.

"I could see if it was in a place that was inside versus outside, but I don't see no concern on that aspect of it," said Carson resident Dean Gouck.

If you're not doing anything wrong, why worry? "That's right! I always felt like that," said Carson resident Valerie McLemore. "I mean, that's no problem."

Other local cities like Compton and Garden Grove have experimented with similar programs where the sheriff's department monitors cameras. The city of Carson expects to have the cameras up and running in six months.

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