'American Reunion' review: not as fresh as 'Pie'


That's the premise of the film, plus friendship and a lot of talk about sex.

"American Reunion" catches up with all our favorite "American Pie" characters, including two comedy veterans who offer up some of the film's best laughs: Stifler's mom, played by Jennifer Coolidge, and Jim's dad, played by Eugene Levy.

This reunion is just as silly as the others, with Seann William Scott's Stifler character still doing what he must in the name of seduction.

If you go see this movie, know that you will lose track of the amount of sex jokes you hear. I stopped after a few dozen. Do the jokes feel old? At times, yes, and they don't all hit.

There are also moments that may have you laughing and cringing at the same time. And there are winks at the original.

It's fun catching up with all the characters, even if some don't have much to do. "American Reunion" is not as funny as the original "American Pie," but, like a day-old piece of pastry, it's not as fresh, but I'd still be tempted to try it.

It is a raunchy R-rated comedy, but it does come with some emotion. And you know that because you still care about the characters.

Warning: This "reunion" features frontal nudity involving one of the film's stars - done, of course, in a comedic way.

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