Bizarre attack on clerk follows denial of beer


Costa Mesa Police allege Teresa Aguayo, 46, tried to kill the store clerk on Easter Sunday. It was about 1 p.m. and customers were in the store at the time.

Aguayo allegedly went into the California Stop convenience store in Costa Mesa and twice tried to buy a single bottle of beer. Twice the clerk told her they don't sell bottles individually. Authorities suspect Aguayo then became violent.

"She hit her over the head with a bottle reportedly five to six times," said Costa Mesa Sgt. Phil Meyers.

The attack continued for several minutes.

"During the assault there was everything from punches and scratches to trying to wrap her head in a blanket and tightening it, causing the victim to momentarily lose consciousness," said Meyers.

Police allege Aguayo put the clerk in a headlock, then poured acetone and rubbing alcohol down the victim's throat.

"When she had exhausted that supply of alcohol and acetone, had resorted to bug spray that was behind the counter and sprayed our victim in the face," said Meyers.

When police arrived, officers allegedly found Aguayo on top of the victim behind the counter. She became combative with police as she was taken into custody.

Court documents show Aguayo, a Costa Mesa resident, has a long criminal history that goes back to 2001. Prior convictions include grand theft, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting a peace officer.

The Sunday attack is upsetting for regular customers of the family-run store.

"Oh my God, that's horrible, I live right down the street so I've been coming here forever. Hopefully she's going to be OK," said Costa Mesa resident Cristie Semple.

The clerk was hospitalized and treated for cuts and bruises, and was monitored due to her chemical intake.

Aguayo was booked for attempted murder. She was held on $500,000 bond and was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

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