'The Avengers' premiere: Actors talk superheroes


Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee is thrilled to see "The Avengers" explode onto the big screen.

"I think the fans are going to just go crazy when they have a chance to see this," said Lee.

The superhero behind the scenes of this one is writer-director Joss Whedon.

"This was the dream gig. I got to do it. I'm really proud of the work we did," said Whedon.

Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, praised Whedon's work.

"He knows who these superheroes are, and he knows what buttons to push to make them to be larger than life, smaller than life, vulnerable and heroic," Jackson said.

Robert Downy Jr., who plays Iron Man, said Whedon is "witty" and that translates well into the movie.

Iron Man may be strong, but Captain America says there are superheroes even stronger.

"It's got to be a battle between Thor and The Hulk. It has to be. Thor's calling down lightning. Hulk is punching jets. I mean, it's a tough argument to win," said Chris Evans.

Mark Ruffalo, who plays The Hulk, said he's liking the "muscled Mark."

"I really didn't have to spend that much time in the gym, which was kind of perfect for me, actually," said Ruffalo.

"The Avengers" is expected to be big, and it opens May 4.

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