Rain, thunderstorms, weak tornadoes expected in IE

DEVORE, Calif.

"We were out in Rancho Mirage for two days ago and it was very hot. Today's very windy, yesterday was a bit drizzly, it rained on us when we were in the pool. So it's kind of up and down all over the place," said Ramiro Euyoque of Laguna Niguel.

And it's not over yet. Another chilly storm is threatening to bring thunder, lighting and a weak twister or two. Just yesterday, a strong down burst of wind hit Lidia Lozano's mobile home, tearing off her carport.

"It was all destroyed. The carport was destroyed. Pieces of the roof were torn off and on the ground," she said.

A piece of her carport flew across the street landing in a field at Diamond Valley Middle School.

Meteorologist Jim Purpura, who surveyed the scene for the National Weather Service, says the 60-70 mile per hour wind burst is called a gustanado.

"From about Murrieta up toward Riverside, some of the meteorologist think that this maybe California's version of tornado alley in terms of mostly weak tornados that happen across the area," said Purpura.

The next round of wild weather will also bring plenty of rain. Despite that bit of dreary news it's not stopping Sarah Williams from attending the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival this weekend in Indio.

"I have a sun shelter I brought it obviously if it was going to be really hot. But it will work for the rain too," she said.

But the rain does have other people making new plans.

"We debated staying another day in Rancho Mirage, but we decided to come back home, take our time, cause it is going to be rainy anyway, can't be in the pool that way," Euyoque said.

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