Caine's Arcade boy gets $152K college fund check


Caine Monroy, 9, built it in his father's auto parts store at 538 N. Mission Rd.

"I started with a little basketball hoop that I got at Shakey's Pizza, then I glued it to a box, then it got bigger and bigger," Caine said. "It makes me feel proud that people are here playing at my arcade."

A filmmaker came in looking for a door handle, saw the arcade, but no customers. He decided to make a movie and put the word out on the Internet. The short film "Caine's Arcade" went viral.

Hundreds of strangers have showed up to play and numerous others have donated to a college fund for Caine.

On Saturday, the filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, presented a big cardboard check to Caine for more than $152,000.

"The money being raised is all going to go to Caine's scholarship fund and if people keep donating online, it's going to help him with tutoring and getting him ready for college," Mullick said.

Mullick said the money being donated to Caine will also go to a seed fund to help other children like Caine.

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