Deaf man gets hearing implant in time for Coachella Fest

INDIO, Calif.

This time, however, it will be an entirely different experience. After more than 25 years in a silent world, Tyle received a cochlear implant that allows him to hear.

Tyle's grandmother, Donna Lynch, says his life hasn't been the same since he had the implant almost a year ago.

"He called me a few Sundays ago from Oregon to say, 'Guess what, grandma? I can now hear your birds singing in my bedroom window,'" she said.

Music has been enjoyable for Tyle, and Coachella became his ultimate destination. Coming from a musical family could explain all of his enthusiasm. His father and grandfather were drummers.

"I still have a beat in my heart for drumming," Tyle said. "I always love seeing the drummers wailing out on the drums."

After losing his hearing at the age of 2 to meningitis, Tyle missed another sound he once loved: his grandmother's music box. After the implant, that too came alive again. Lynch gave Tyle the music box this past Christmas.

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