Loyal Labrador to return home; owners come forward


The black Labrador made national headlines after she was seen in video footage standing guard over a fallen yellow Labrador on a busy street in La Puente last Wednesday.

A passing Good Samaritan, Eric Reynaga, saw the scene on Hacienda Boulevard and placed cones around the dogs. Reynaga also took photos and video of the brave dog. Lynn Clements said he witnessed Grace's heroic effort.

"She wouldn't leave the dog. She wouldn't leave it. It was amazing," he said.

Animal control officials named the black Lab Grace for her heroic effort. They say numerous people were hoping to adopt her at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, including the Good Samaritan.

But on Monday afternoon, officials said the rightful owners of the dog stepped forward to claim her. Animal control officials say the dog quickly responded to her owners, who call her Maggie.

"Just went absolutely berserk when she saw mom and dad today in the vet division," said Aaron Reyes of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

Officials say the owners also had pictures of Maggie, and they knew distinct markings on the animal that only the owners would know. Officials say before releasing the dog to the owners, they will inspect their home.

The owners will be issued citations for having an unregistered dog and for allowing the animal to run loose. They are expected to pick up their dog on Tuesday.

Reynaga said he was disappointed that he wouldn't be taking the black Lab home after all.

"I just see that after five days of no one stepping up for the dog ... all of a sudden, the rightful owners show up, so it's just a little sketchy to me," he said.

Animal control officials say they do not know who owned the yellow Lab that was struck and killed.

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