Cool Kid raises awareness of African water issues


Kevin Kilroy has seen pictures and heard stories about how dire the situation is for the drought in Africa.

"You can't have food, you can't grow food without water. You can't have good sanitation without water, you can't really have life without water," said Kevin Kilroy.

In remote villages it is usually young girls who must travel great distances on foot to find and retrieve water. That image made it relatable to Kevin.

"A girl in Africa my age can't even go to school because she has to go get water for her family that might even kill them," said Kevin. "I just thought that was ironic, not fair, shouldn't even be possible."

Kevin teamed with the organization /*Wells Bring Hope*/ to raise money to build water wells. Another objective: Spreading the word about the issue.

"I need to tell people about this," said Kevin. "I need to make people aware of what's going on. And then all the ongoing support kind of added up to a well being drilled."

Kevin is a freshman at Marymount High School, but already sees her future including more work with this worldwide issue.

"Maybe intern in an organization that has something to do with water, continue to spread awareness about the importance of water." said Kevin.

Kevin Kilroy is a young lady who is truly changing the lives of people around the world. That makes her our Cool Kid.

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