Pit bull kills small dog, injures woman in El Sereno


It happened Saturday morning about a block from their El Sereno home. The deaf woman, June, was out for a walk with their dog Muffy. A neighbor's surveillance camera captured the incident. June's screams can be heard during the attack.

The owner of the pit bull came out and pulled the dog away.

A neighbor says this isn't the first time the dogs have attacked.

"They've attacked the mail man, they've attacked my dog, they've attacked other people that are walking their dogs, as well as people that were just walking," said Rene Uribe, a neighbor.

Violet McMahon says the death of Muffy, which they owned for seven years, is especially difficult for June.

"She was just everything for us," McMahon said.

The owner of the pit bull says she accidentally left a latch open on her gate while cleaning her backyard.

Violet says Muffy provided excellent security and she thinks they'll want another dog soon, but right now she's overwhelmed by the loss.

"She just belonged to the family and I can hear her barking," McMahon said with tears in her eyes.

The owner of the pit bull said she takes full responsibility and has offered to buy them another dog.

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