Woman, 95, tied up during San Bernardino home invasion


Frances South lived alone. Authorities said she was by herself late Saturday night when a man broke into her house. The intruder placed a bag over her head while he looked for items to steal. She was not hurt. The elderly woman's son, Larry South, said his mother tried to defend herself.

"She went after him with this rolling pin at first. That's why he tied her up. Thank goodness he didn't hurt her," he said.

Larry South said the intruder climbed to the second story and forced his way into the house on the 3000 block of North F Street. The suspect kept the woman tied up for a couple of hours.

"He went through the house pretty good and tried to take whatever he could get, you know, computers, software, jewelry and money," said Larry South.

After the suspect left, Frances South managed to free herself and went to a neighbor's home for help around 3 a.m. Neighbors said they often worry about the elderly woman's safety.

"It makes me mad that I couldn't help her. I would've if I knew something was happening to her," said neighbor Daniel Caudillo.

Larry South drove to San Bernardino from his home in Arizona and packed up his mother's belongings. He said he's not comfortable leaving her alone anymore. Just last week, someone snatched his mother's purse.

"She's going back today. She's done here in California," said Larry Smith.

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