Octomom photos prompt visit from child welfare

LA HABRA, Calif.

According to the celebrity website TMZ, Suleman's hairstylist went to police and filed a formal complaint, saying the 14 children were living in horrendous conditions.

Police and family services visited the home on Tuesday, but they determined the children were not in any danger, and no children were removed from the home.

"They didn't discover any mistreatment, and so no further action was taken," said La Habra Police spokesperson Cindy Knapp.

Police say child services may continue to investigate.

The 36-year-old Suleman came into the national spotlight in 2009 when she gave birth to eight babies through in vitro fertilization. She had six children prior to that, making her the mother of 14.

The Beverly Hills doctor who helped Suleman conceive octuplets had his medical license revoked after the California Medical Board found him grossly negligent in the care of three patients, including Suleman.

Suleman claimed she was drugged when she agreed to be implanted with a dozen embryos. She admitted she wanted more kids but wasn't in the right state of mind to agree to the doctor's terms.

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