Pregnant Ohio woman, unborn baby survive being struck by lightning


Kelly Lough was holding an umbrella while her husband was pulling the car out of their driveway. She was waiting to get in, when the bolt of lightning struck.

Lough said it was a feeling she will never forget.

"Like a big, just a big full body jolt," she said. "There was a huge flash and just this big boom and I like felt it jolt up my arm and out my left arm and out my toes, and the umbrella flew and I just kind of freaked out a little bit and ran up stairs and back into the house."

"She was like throwing the umbrella white as a ghost, and I was like, she just got hit by lightning," her husband said.

Both mom and her unborn baby are fine.

So what saved them from death or serious injury? Her rubber-soled shoes. Lough said she was about to toss them, but instead gave them one last go.

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