Jackson excited for 'Avengers' like kid


The film may offer a little extra insight for those who consider themselves experts of the superhero world.

"I've been reading comic books all my life, and I've been part of this world, and I'm as big a fan boy as everybody else, so when it happens, it's perfect for me," Jackson said.

Jackson also understood some of the lines he spoke in the movie could have been read straight from a comic book, and that's one reason he loved working with director Joss Whedon.

"He's created comic characters. He's created superheroes, and he knows what that dialogue is," Jackson said. "He had us speaking comic speak a lot, which was very cool."

Jackson said the movie turned out better than what he imagined in his head when he read the script.

"I just couldn't imagine some of this stuff," Jackson said. "Joss has captured something that I don't think has been captured in a superhero movie on-screen before."

"The Avengers" hits theaters all across the country at midnight. It's rated PG-13.

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