Woman involved in Secret Service prostitution scandal calls agents foolish


The woman said she could have easily obtained sensitive information and compromised the security of President Barack Obama if she were a spy.

"The man slept all night," said the woman, who was identified by her lawyer as Dania Londono Suarez. "If I had wanted to, I could have gone through all his documents, his wallet, his suitcase."

She called the Secret Service agents caught up in the scandal "fools for being from Obama's security and letting all this happen."

In a 90-minute interview with Colombia's W Radio, Suarez used the word "bobo," Spanish for "fool" or "idiot," to describe the agents.

Suarez said she met the man, one of 10-11 agents, at a Cartagena bar. They went back to his hotel room, stopping on the way to buy condoms. She said the agent she was with was mildly intoxicated, and she didn't know his name.

Suarez confirmed other accounts that the agent offered her $30, refusing to pay the $800 he owed, which led to a confrontation at the agent's door, drawing the attention of the hotel manager and local police. She said other agents eventually scraped together $250 and paid her.

She said she never would have made a public fuss about his failure to pay had she known he was part of Mr. Obama's security detail and realized the repercussions it would have for her.

"My life is practically destroyed," she said. "My name is in the gutter."

Her photo has been splashed all over the Internet since a newspaper took it off Facebook a week after the incident, when she said she fled Colombia fearing for her life.

"I was afraid they might retaliate," she said in apparent reference to the agents.

Suarez appeared in the interview, part of which was also broadcast by Colombia's Caracol TV, with just a little makeup, her fingernails painted white and wearing a tight green dress. She giggled nervously and refused to answer prying questions from reporters from several international news media on topics such as the nature of her sex act with the Secret Service agent.

Asked why she became a prostitute, she said it's an easy life that would allow her to study and provide for her son. Prostitution is legal in Colombia.

Following the Secret Service scandal, she said she's finished with the profession.

ABC News and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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