Down-and-out women get Mom's Day makeovers


Some waited in line for three hours, hot but undaunted, for a rare gift in the life of these moms.

"This is the first time ever that I've had a facial," said shelter resident Glendella Roberts.

The ladies received the full spa treatment.

"I thank everybody for doing this for me," said shelter resident Mary Burnett. "Because I didn't get nothing for Mother's Day."

It's the 24th year Fred Jordan Missions has organized the Mother's Day event in collaboration with 100 cosmetology students who volunteer. Their clients Monday were shelter residents who struggle with survival -- forget pampering.

"It has made me come to a complete stop. And I just thank God that I stopped before I killed someone," said Cheryl Amann, who is dealing with a DUI.

"I just never thought I would be in this position, it's been a very humbling experience, very humbling," said shelter resident Arlene Morgan.

So many luxury services and treatments -- what really makes it special is the compassion that comes with them.

"And sadly many of these women have been touched only in anger and to have someone lovingly take care of their hair -- what a treat," said Willie Jordan, president of Fred Jordan Missions.

The experience moved Roberts to tears; her makeup artist too.

"I'm glad I can help her out and make her feel beautiful," said the makeup artist.

"It makes me feel so good inside just to know that someone cares and to come down here and do this for us, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much," said Roberts.

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