'Revenge' stars talk characters, influence


"You'll be more intrigued than you have ever been with the show. The writers are getting better and better at digging deeper, weaving it tighter and making it far more colorful," said Henry Czerny.

Madeleine Stowe almost passed on "Revenge" because she didn't know if she wanted to do a television show, but it was just too tempting to turn down. Although, she says even she wouldn't want to be real-life friends with her character, Victoria Grayson.

"I would never be her friend and I would probably not want to be her enemy either!" she said.

Stowe is aware that her strong-willed, don't-cross-her character has made an impact in her life off the set.

"People are very odd around me. Sometimes there are funny little screams or they'll look at me with suspicion and a little -- I think they think I'm a mean human being so that kind of keeps people a little bit at bay. It's funny. It's a funny experience," said Stowe.

All season, the character Emily VanCamp plays has been out to ruin lives as she seeks revenge for her father's murder. One co-star believes revenge can last a long time.

"Like everyone knows, the show is based on 'The Count of Monte Cristo' which, of course, is not about killing people outright. of course, she has every means to do that. it's about making their lives hell, which she can continue to do forever," said actress Christa B. Allen.

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