Emma Thompson discusses role in 'Men in Black 3'


The predominantly male cast shared the set with an Oscar-winning woman, Emma Thompson, who plays a former love interest of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K.

Her character is the highest-ranking woman in a decidedly male organization. She said the set was not dissimilar.

"It's very 'boysy,' kind of 'Men in Black' and if you're a 'Woman in Black' you've got to come on guns blazing," she said, "but they are generous and kind. Barry (Sonnenfeld) makes that possible."

Sonnenfeld, the director of the movie, shows us Thompson and Lee's characters in the past and hints at a great love affair.

"It was a really nice relationship to play," Thompson said. "They've sorted it out by the time you see them and we're the ones playing them, but they were once in love and the flame, we suspect, still burns."

Thompson has another new film out next month. She voices the role of the queen in Disney and Pixar's new animated movie, "Brave."

"They've made this fantastic mythological tale that feels new and modern and fresh, and it's so beautiful and emotional and funny. I'm thrilled," she said.

Thompson is tackling an old favorite for her next project coming out next year. She has written the screenplay for a revival of "Annie."

"Jay-Z is doing the music, Willow Smith is playing Annie," Thompson said. "I've written it and I'm so excited about it. My 12 year old thinks I'm literally the coolest person on the planet now."

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