Waiter gets $5,000 tip from regular customers in Houston


Greg Rubar has been working at D'Amico's Italian Market Cafe for 16 years. On Saturday two of his regulars, a husband and wife came in. They knew he'd lost his car due to flooding in a severe storm a few weeks ago and had been scrambling to get to and from work.

After finishing their lunch, they handed him an envelope with $5,000 cash inside.

"We're still going to come in, but we're not going to tip you for a while,'" said Rubar. "He said, 'This is for you.' He said, 'This is enough money for you to go and buy a nice car.' People can be generous. They told me they felt like I deserved it. It's overwhelming to me."

Rubar said he will use it to buy a new car.

The couple's lunch tab was $27, making that about an 18,500-percent tip.

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