Metrolink board approves 7-percent fare hike


"More money out of my pocket that I don't really have to expend from my pocket, and it does add up kind of quick," said Sabrina Kelly, who commutes from Riverside.

Metrolink said due to an increase in fuel costs and other operating expenses, they had to raise fares.

The money generated from the increase will be used to help close a $13 million funding gap for the 2012-13 budget, Metrolink said in a statement.

"This is a last resort to be able to continue to offer the safe transportation options the region needs without cutting service," said Metrolink Board Chairman Richard Katz in a statement. "This year, despite continued efficient management practices, our costs have increased in large part because of an increase in our operations contracts due to a sweeping nationwide labor negotiation settlement and a 56 percent increase in fuel costs over the past two years."

Sherita Coffelt of Metrolink said the actual impact will vary depend on where the rider is traveling to, but on average, a monthly pass will increase by about $20.

Metrolink held several public meetings before deciding on the increase.

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