Cool Kid shares love of all things aviation


Sean Simmerman is fascinated with flight. He channels that passion into his volunteer work at the /*Lyon Air Museum*/ in Santa Ana. In addition to statistics about wing spans and engines, he fills in people on some history too.

"The part that I like coming down here and telling people about aviation and history is just so people learn the events that happened in the past," says Sean.

The freshman at /*El Toro High School*/ might seem to be a bit young, but it is quite evident that he knows his stuff.

"Initially they're like, 'He's a kid, what's he going to tell us?'" says Mark Foster, Lyon Air Museum president. "But once he starts talking, I think they forget that he is younger and they just listen to him because he's got the knowledge."

Sean's career plans are pointing him toward choosing a college that will put him in the skies.

"Something with a good aviation program that can get me onto the road to being a commercial airline pilot or a corporate airline pilot," Sean says.

While Sean shares his love of all things aviation, he hopes he inspires too.

"I just want people to know the experience and the joy that I have flying," says Sean. "And maybe that will kind of want them to go off and pursue their own joy of flying or their own joy of something that they would like to do."

He helps tell our nation's history in the air and brings the stories of aviation heroes to life. And that's why Sean Simmerman is our Cool Kid.

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