Green Lantern revealed as openly gay hero


The change is revealed in the pages of the second issue of "Earth 2," and comes on the heels of what has been an expansive year for gay and lesbian characters in the pages of comic books from Archie to Marvel and others.

But just to clarify, this isn't the emerald galactic space cop Hal Jordan, who was played by Ryan Reynolds in the "Green Lantern" movie.

James Robinson, who writes the new series, says this Green Lantern is Alan Scott, who is a retooled version of the classic Green Lantern from the 1940s.

Alan Scott had a son who was gay, but because "Earth 2" features retooled and rebooted characters, Scott is not old enough to have a grown son.

"By making him younger, that son was not going to exist anymore," Robinson said.

In May, Marvel Entertainment said super speedster Northstar will marry his longtime boyfriend in the pages of "Astonishing X-Men." DC comics has other gay characters, too, including Kate Kane, the current Batwoman.

And in the pages of Archie Comics, Kevin Keller is one of the gang at Riverdale High School and gay, too.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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