Bryan Stow prelim hearing day 3: New video released, friend describes attack


"There was definitely some people saying stuff, and it wasn't very friendly," said Alan Bradford, a paramedic and a friend of Bryan Stow.

Bradford talked about his experience on opening night as he walked through the Dodgers Stadium parking lot. He said he was walking behind Stow when he heard a confrontation. It was an attack on another friend of his named Matt Lee.

He said after that, they tried to move on and they didn't want to provoke anything. But a few minutes later there was a more brutal attack on Stow.

"I saw him hit the ground, he was going straight back, his arms were limp, kind of out behind him like gravity had taken him, it was just like a tree falling, there was no movement," he said.

He said he and his friends knew Stow had severe head trauma and tried to give him assistance. He remembered people telling the attackers to get out of the area, and he saw them.

"One guy was kind of holding his pants up while they were running," he said.

The prosecution claims defendant Louie Sanchez is the one who actually attacked Stow. His friend, defendant Marvin Norwood, was right next to him.

Earlier this week, the prosecution played a videotape of Norwood during a police interrogation. He is seen calling his mother using the officer's phone and tells her he was involved. That video tape was just released Friday.

"I got arrested for that dodger stadium thing," Norwood told his mother, followed by a pause. "There's not much I could really say about it over the phone, I was involved."

Another of Stow's friends who was also present during the attack is scheduled to testify when the hearing resumes next Wednesday.

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