Typhus feral cat traps removed from Santa Ana


The city removed the damaged traps Friday morning. Officials found things thrown into many of the traps, which caused them to close. There are no suspects, and police said security cameras didn't catch anything.

Public health officials originally set the traps near Frances E. Willard Intermediate School on Tuesday after someone in the area contracted typhus. That person was hospitalized last month but has since made a full recovery.

Typhus is a flea-borne bacterial infection that's often spread by wild cats. Symptoms surface about a week or two after exposure and can include high fever, body aches or rashes. It can be fatal if it's not treated by antibiotics.

Animal rights activists are against trapping the cats, calling it inhumane. However, the city says something must be done right away. Currently, health officials are spraying for fleas in the area.

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