Lori Corbin's one-minute workout: Turned out squat


Start with your legs open comfortably, holding a weight of some sort in your hand and bending and straightening your legs. You'll start to feel your hips stretch open and a good stress on your thighs and glutes.

As you straighten your legs, take your arms over your head. As you bend your knees, the weight comes down. This will get your blood moving and calories burning for sure.

To work your waistline a bit, start to angle the raise as you straighten your arms up to the right, back down and then to the left - all while bending and straightening your legs.

If you want to work that harder, drag the same side leg in as you straighten up, which will increase the workout on your inner thigh.

Finally, finish with your legs open again, but as you take your arms up over your head, you'll bend your elbows and add a tricep extension.

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