Man who came in contact with rabid bat sought by San Bernardino County health officials


San Bernardino County health officials said they were trying to track him down. They said they were so concerned about him that they issued a public alert.

"Skin contact with the bat is sufficient to recommend post exposure prophylaxis," said Dr. Maxwell Ohikhuare of the County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health. "Definitely if there was a bite from the bat it makes it even more important that we treat the patient."

Rabies is usually fatal if not treated before symptoms occur. In the past two weeks, the Department of Public Health confirmed five cases of rabid bats. Officials said the bats were found throughout the county area.

Signs of rabies in animals include changes in behavior, general sickness, problems swallowing or increased drooling and aggression.

"We recommend that they don't touch the bat or try to pet the bat," Ohikhuare said. "They call public help, animal control."

As for the mystery man who turned in the bat, time may be running out. If he has rabies, once symptoms of the disease occur in humans, it's usually too late.

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