Mary J. Blige rocks out in 'Rock of Ages'


"It's time to mix it up. I love singing, I love music, but I love doing the work with acting. It's therapeutic. The acting coach, just finding the character, it's very therapeutic," she said.

For this R&B star, her therapy for "Rock of Ages" included singing rock 'n' roll. Blige say she was exposed to some of the film's rock songs thanks to TV.

"MTV was the only video station at the time and we all had it and we watched MTV and waited on George Michael to show up. And while we were waiting for George Michael, Pat Benatar would show up. Wham, we waited on Wham we loved Wham. So, that's how I got exposed - through the visuals.

It definitely helped me in my career. Now I'm covering Led Zeppelin songs and singing with Bono and U2," said Blige.

Another actor who's singing in this film is Tom Cruise, and Blige, a multiple award winner, gave the Oscar nominee high marks.

"I heard him sing, I heard a lot of the audio, it's really good, it's really really good," she said.

You can rock out with "Rock of Ages" when it hits theaters June 15.

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