Girls honored for dialing 911 to help dad


Natalie Wehman, 8, made a 911 call as her diabetic father got sick driving down the road in Dana Point.

"He started getting low, and we started asking him questions but he didn't answer, so I knew something was wrong because he's diabetic, and I reached in his pocket and I called 911," said Natalie.

Help came and the story had a happy ending. Tuesday, the two girls were honored as heroes at a 911 training session for children.

Perhaps the most important information the young caller gave during that call?

"I explained what I could see and I read the street names," said Natalie.

Back when everyone used landlines, it was a lot easier for dispatchers to pinpoint exactly where everyone was calling from. But as technology has evolved and people have started calling from cellphones, it's a lot harder for them to figure out exactly where you are. That's why the most important thing to tell a dispatcher is your name and exact location.

The gravity of the situation taught the girls another important lesson, too.

"Calling 911 is not a game. It's very serious," said Lauren Wehman.

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