'Your Sister's Sister' star Mark Duplass talks love, feet


Duplass is actually a Hollywood hyphenate: Actor-writer-producer-director, and work is coming his way.

"This is a super-exciting time for me. I've been slogging my way in the independent film world for the last 10 years and, you know, people are starting to take notice of some of the things we're doing, and particularly of me as an actor. And it's really exciting and I'm looking forward to doing more stuff," he said.

You'll see him in the big-budget "People Like Us" at the end of the month. But the small-budget, shot in 12 days film, "Your Sister's Sister," is new to theatres this weekend.

"We're all wearing our own clothes in this movie, so the wardrobe is comprised completely from our closets," he said. "The girls were doing their own make-up. I'm not wearing any make-up. The term 'labor of love' is overly used, but I think it very much applies to this film."

In the film, he and Emily Blunt may have a love connection, but there's a problem. He had drunk sex with her sister -- uh-oh!

In one scene with Blunt, his foot is in her face, and that made him nervous.

"I don't often wear socks, and that means my feet smell worse than the average human being, just in general. So I was in the bathroom for the 15 minutes preparing for that scene, just cranking, scrubbing away on those feet," he said.

"Your Sister's Sister" is rated R.

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