'Brave' actor digs into Scottish roots for film


"It's a lot of fun to get to be Scottish for a change," said McKidd. The "Grey's Anatomy" star said the film gave him a chance to let loose.

"In 'Grey's,' I have to be American. I have to be quite controlled. Owen Hunt is a tortured guy and he's a very serious character. It's nice to be wild and zany and Scottish for a while," McKidd said.

McKidd thinks the boisterous nature of the Scottish people depicted in the film is pretty true to their nature.

"I think the Scottish personality is a wonderful mix of humor and being serious and grumpy and angry and funny and generous and hospitable, all those things rolled up in a messy package," McKidd said. "Scottish people are quite messy people. We wear our heart on our sleeves a little bit. We kind of don't care what people think. I love Scottish people for that."

When asked if he would have been angry if he wasn't cast in "Brave," McKidd said he's used to rolling with the punches.

"Listen. I've been not cast in so many movies I'm so over that now. Rejection is stock and trade in my business, so it wouldn't have bothered me," McKidd said.

Like a true Scot, McKidd said he even has a few kilts stashed away in his closet.

"Brave" hits theaters June 22.

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