Teen survives being shot in head with 3-foot spear in Florida


He was accidentally shot by his friend as they got ready to go fishing earlier this month. The spear entered about one inch above the teen's right eye and went all the way through to the back of his skull. Doctors say he was very lucky because the spear-tip was removable.

"It was possible for us to figure out a strategy during the operation to be able to unscrew the tip of the spear, instead of having to get this whole spear dragged out through his brain," said Dr. Ross Bullock, a neurosurgeon.

The spear missed every major blood vessel. It pierced the right half of the teen's brain, which means his speech is unaffected, though he has some problems with movement on his left side. The teen also has no memory of the accident, and doctors say he probably never will.

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