Mid-City burglar acts strangely, hurts self breaking into home


The break in happened on South Mansfield Avenue around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Triniece Reese, who resides in the home with her two small children, says she got the shock of her life when she rushed out of bed to check out a loud tapping sound on her living room window.

As she went to investigate the noise, Reese says the window shattered and a man crawled through it.

"He came inside, it was myself and my two children, and he just walked through my house like he lived here, he laid in my bed," she said.

Reese says as panic set in, she quickly rounded up her two children and put them in one room. She says as the man roamed through the house, he made no threats or demands and didn't try to steal anything.

According to Reese, after laying in her bed for a few seconds, the man came out of the room uttering a few words.

"He says he was gay, and [asked] did I have a son, or did I have a boyfriend, because he was looking for his boyfriend Gabriel," she said.

Reese says she does not know anyone name Gabriel, and it appeared the man was completely out of his mind.

"He was just kind of out of it, kind of loopy, it seemed like he was off of something," she said.

Nonetheless, the man's odd demeanor was frightening.

"I was on the phone with the 911 operator. And at one point I became frantic, I feared for my life with my two children," she said.

Reese says when police arrived, the man remained in the house and was arrested without incident. Before coming out, Reese says police asked them if they were all right. She says she was surprised when the intruder answered first.

"You could hear police officers asking, 'Is everyone OK?' and then he's saying, 'Yes everyone is OK,' and I screamed 'No, we're not OK,'" said Reese. "He was at the front of the house and we were at the back of the house."

Police said the man appeared drunk, and that he thought he was entering a friend's house.

The suspect had severely cut himself after breaking in through the window and was taken to the hospital. He faces misdemeanor charges of aggravated trespassing.

Reese and her two children were not hurt during the incident.

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