LA-based model's accused stalker arrested


According to the FBI, Luis Plascencia told Kourtney Reppert via email that he wanted her to die in an automobile accident, adding that he hoped that a large piece of glass would cut her throat.

"When you make a threat on the Internet, it's the same as walking up to someone with a gun. These are Federal laws and when you violate them, you will be arrested," said Laura Eimiller with the FBI.

Authorities say there were also threats targeted at her family and included information about the model's former residence in Valley Village. The FBI adds that the threats were prolific, sent not only on Facebook but also via Yahoo emails, from as many as 11 different addresses.

Investigators say they were all from Plascencia.

Reppert has a large online following, and Thursday morning she addressed the news on her Facebook page, telling followers that she is remaining positive throughout this stressful time.

Plascencia is scheduled to appear in a Chicago courtroom Friday. Federal prosecutors will request he be transported to Los Angeles to face charges.

If Plascencia is convicted, he could be sentenced to as many as five years in prison.

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