'Spider-Man' star talks spandex, childhood dream


"There was something about the suit which started to make me feel very uncomfortable because you're practically naked," said Garfield.

But to play "The Amazing Spider-Man," Garfield worked through his spandex stress. It seems to have worked out just fine. He even has a slam dunk moment as Spidey's alter ego, high school student Peter Parker.

Garfield also thought a lot about how a spider actually moves, and he contacted his drama school movement teacher to help him even more.

"She specializes in animal study and applying the study of animals to human behavior and human physicality. And here we get pretentious," he joked. "I talked to her about taking this on and she was like, you know, let's study some spiders. And we did. So we studied the lightness and the stillness and the patience and all that was very exciting to do with her."

Garfield will be 29 in August, but Spider-Man has been in his consciousness since he was a little boy.

"It's a very surreal thing," he said. "If anyone had told me as a 4 year old, 'You're going to be depicting this, your hero, in a big movie one day,' I would've probably believed them because I was 4 and I had a big imagination. But, ultimately, it's a very surreal place to find yourself."

He also says playing Spider-Man has been quite a road.

"It's been a long journey," he said. "Now you're kind of on this roller coaster of judgment, really, where people are going to be hurling things at you -- good or bad -- and you have to start to really find how you feel about it."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" opens Tuesday, July 3.

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