Stars come out for premiere of 'Amazing Spider-Man'


And not long after he said goodbye, the man who plays Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, said hello.

He says the latest "Spider-Man" installment is definitely worth splurging on the extra popcorn at the concession stand.

"Well, it's subjective, you see, because it depends on the size of the man or woman and their appetite, respectively. But in terms of generally speaking about the movie? I'd say go large because it's a large movie," he said.

Garfield, who also plays Peter Parker, stars opposite Emma Stone as his love interest. She says the wow factor of the film is visual.

"It's in 3D, which is new," she said. "That's literally, visually more."

Sally Field plays Spidey's aunt in the movie. She loved working with Garfield and her movie husband.

"Marty Sheen and I got to just improvise and play," she said.

Sheen also enjoyed playing his part in the film.

"I have never done a movie this size, since 'Apocalypse,' I guess," he said. "I was just thrilled."

And look for C. Thomas Howell in a small but pivotal role.

"My son gets put into a perilous situation and Spider-Man helps retrieve my kid, and I pay back the favor at the end of the movie," he said.

And while the Spider-Man costume is infamous for its spandex, Garfield didn't seem to mind.

"It was an honor to be so uncomfortable," he said.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" opens Tuesday.

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