Watts baby murder: Suspect's family says teen is wrongly accused


Dokins was arrested earlier this week and charged with murdering the baby, who was in his father's arms June 4 in Watts when a gunman pulled up on a bicycle and fired several shots. He is being tried as an adult.

But Dokins' family members say the 15 year old, who has a young baby of his own, was wrongfully accused.

"He was not there, he did not do it, he is not a criminal or a monster that everybody is claiming him to be," said Dokins' cousin, Tahiti Perkins.

Dokins' family also says he was nowhere near the crime scene on the night of the shooting.

"I'm standing here before you all today telling you all where he was: He was with me. At home. He was nowhere near wherever this child got murdered at," said Perkins.

According to police, however, Dokins is the prime suspect. They say Dokins rode to the 10500 block of South Hickory Street in South Los Angeles on his bicycle and fired numerous rounds at a house. Angel Cortez was outside the home in his father's arms when the shots rang out. The baby boy was shot in the chest and later died at a hospital. His father, Mauro Cortez, was struck in the shoulder by a bullet.

Police say Maruo Cortez is not a gang member. Dokins' family also says he is not a gang member. Dokins is set to be arraigned July 16.

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