Wrongful death lawsuit dismissed in boy's fatal fall at Staples Center


Lucas Tang, 2, fell from a luxury suite after his mother propped him up on a beverage bar. In her deposition, the mother testified she placed him up there to take his picture.

Judge Susan Bryant-Deason ruled that Staples Center management could not have foreseen the mother putting the boy in what the judge called an "obviously dangerous situation."

Michael Roth, a spokesperson for Staples Center's owner AEG, released a statement, saying, "We remain deeply saddened by the tragic death of Lucas Tang and we continue to extend our sympathies to his family. As the court's ruling makes clear, Staples Center did not cause this accident. The court found that plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that anything Staples Center did or did not do caused Lucas' fall. The court's ruling in favor of Staples Center, which was made after careful review of all evidence, is well-reasoned and supported by all facts presented by the parties as well as applicable law."

Lawyers for Lucas' family expressed disappointment in the decision and vowed to appeal.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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