DIY sunburn remedies from the picnic table


But don't despair. Dermatologist Audrey Kunin has tips for easing the pain that can likely be found right on the picnic table.

Most of us know the drill about sunscreen -- experts recommend an SPF of 30. Apply it every two hours and reapply if you go for a swim or if you're sweating a lot.

However Kunin warns there is an eight-hour window to treat sunburn if you want to minimize the risk of skin cancer down the road. She recommends utilizing the acetic acid in vinegar, which not only zaps the pain, but also prevents the long-term damage associated with sunburn.

Then there's mustard. The yellow condiment is not just for slathering on hot dogs and hamburgers; it's also good for slathering on the skin! Mustard has minerals that are incredible for the skin, according to Kunin. It's rich in selenium and magnesium, which work to repair and shut down free radical damage that leads to skin cancer.

Finally, Kunin suggests taking a tea bath to sooth sunburned skin. She says running a cool bath and steeping tea bags in the water is a great way to relax your skin, and yourself.

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