Illegal fireworks get big crackdown in Monterey Park


Residents began setting off fireworks long before sundown as Monterey Park police and fire were out in two-person teams of four enforcing the city ordinance. Within minutes of citing one resident, police heard and saw fireworks go off a few doors down and had to issue a second fine to a neighbor.

Several juveniles were also cited in another neighborhood. They were in possession of fire crackers that are not legal in California, according to Monterey Park Fire Batt. Chief Randy Harper.

The minimum fine for having illegal fireworks is $500. But one resident will have to pay $1,250 in fines for discharging his illegal fireworks.

While it might seem like harmless fun, officials say most people don't think about the consequences.

"Even as something as simple as a bottle rocket, because you don't know where it's going to land, can start a fire," said Harper.

Monterey Park does allow for the safe and sane fireworks. They encourage residents to set off those fireworks next year, or to attend a professional fireworks display.

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