Internet providers brace for DNS virus issues


This is all the result of international hackers who targeted unsuspecting users worldwide with an advertising scam.

Last November, the FBI busted the ring and set up a safety net so that people with infected computers wouldn't lose Internet service right away.

However, the court order the government obtained to keep the servers running expired and was not renewed. As a result, thousands of PC and Mac users could be without Internet service Monday.

Experts have advice for anyone affected by the virus.

"You should call your Internet service provider. They'll be able to give you the correct DNS address and talk you through how to enter it on to your computer. So you can make that change and you'll be back up and running good as new," said Kevin Healy, director of Norton Security Response.

Internet providers are bracing for the onslaught of calls on their help lines. But before Internet users panic, it is recommended that customers check to make sure the computer's cords and cables are plugged in, or that it may not be another problem that is preventing a connection.

It's also suggested that computer users check for the malware even if the Internet is working, because it could still pose problems down the road

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