San Fernando residents urge mayor, councilmembers to resign


Mayor Brenda Esqueda, who has been accused of having an affair with a city police sergeant, and councilmembers Mario Hernandez and Maribel de la Torre, who have been romantically involved, all face a recall election this fall.

"Everything they have said against me I can prove it is false information," Esqueda said. "I took an oath to represent the people of San Fernando and that's what I will do."

"We've asked them time and time again to please resign so we can bring in people who have credibility and whose ethics are not in question," said Linda Campanella Jauron, a member of the recall committee.

In the latest dramatic turn, Hernandez and de la Torre each filed restraining orders against each other after they apparently got into a physical fight. They're under court order to stay 100 yards away from each other, which may be a challenge at Tuesday night's council meeting.

However, city officials said the restraining orders allow Hernandez and de la Torre to attend meetings without breaking the law and insist despite the distractions it will be business as usual.

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