Helen Reddy to sing to help St. Genevieve High School's arts program


We certainly know she can sing. After all, she's responsible for one of the most well-known anthems of all time. "I Am Woman" is just one of Reddy's big hits.

"Delta Dawn," "Angie Baby" And "You and Me Against the World" are some others. After a long and successful career, Reddy retired from music, gave it all up and never looked back. That's until recently when she sang a duet with her sister at a party.

"It was fun, and I thought, 'I'm missing a part of my life. I need to go back to singing.' So here I am," said Reddy. "I am officially coming out of a 10-year retirement this weekend. Slightly terrified, but I think it'll be OK."

During the concert, Reddy will perform with a St. Genevieve choir member who sings with a purpose.

"I lost my dad when I was 3 years old, and my dad was a singer and that's my whole reason of singing, because it's the only connection I have with him," said student Rosalind Smith.

Reddy said she'd simply forgotten the joy of singing.

"I'm thrilled to have the chance to be here and especially working with all these wonderful young people. They've got a lot of talent here at this school," said Reddy.

St. Genevieve's show choir, The Valiant Voices, will be Reddy's opening act.

"Choir is like a family to us, and st. Genevieve is one big family. It's our passion," said student Daphne Dizon.

When it comes to her signature song, "I Am Woman," Reddy said she will be performing it in a different way.

Reddy will be at St. Genevieve High School Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

For ticket information, visit www.store.valiantspirit.com or call (818) 894-6417 ext. 0.

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