Exercise without feeling the burn at Firm Body Evolution


"Pretty much what we do here is we improve circulation, we help people get in, get fit, detox, relax," said Joseph Harounian of Firm Body Evolution.

Harounian loves fitness, but he wanted his Firm Body Evolution (FBE) spa to offer concepts far beyond the hardcore classes you often find in L.A.

"Finding things that are low impact and different from your typical gym workouts that are just fun to do," Harounian said.

It's exercise that's fun yet effective.

"Let's be honest, I wanted those fat pockets gone," said Danielle Bisutti of Los Angeles.

Bisutti attends all kinds of classes, but loves the technology at FBE, starting with what she calls the moon suit.

"It looks like something an astronaut would wear. It compresses you with air so it's like a full-body massage," Bisutti said.

The puffy compression suit is designed to massage the lymphatic system and can be worn for up to 30 minutes a session.

"Improving your circulation, relaxation and it helps with a lot of different side effects that people have from poor circulation," Harounian said.

There's also a hip-rotator machine, which also massages while opening up hip joints, abdominal and low back - problem areas for many. And with a bit more effort, the Helix targets hard-to-tame inner and outer hips and thighs in low-impact fashion.

There's also a vibration machine that kicks muscles and metabolism into high gear. A 10-minute workout on its oscillating platform can be compared to an hour of running calorie-wise, as muscles contract at a rate of 25-35 times per second. Standing is allowed, but no surprise, exercising boosts effectiveness.

For those of you who love the heat and relaxation of the sauna but worry about your hair, you're going to love the jade-infrared sauna.

"It heats you up from inside out versus conventional saunas that heat you from outside in," Harounian said.

Resembling something out of a sci-fi movie, the jade stones warm your core, while your head remains exposed - a bonus if you are claustrophobic.

"It's disease preventative, it's weight loss, it's over all wellness," Harounian said.

While Harounian says there are many packages available, but a day pass utilizing these mind-body machines runs $150.

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