Texas man finds stolen car listed on eBay in East LA after 42 years


Robert Russell had been looking for his 1967 Austin Healey since it was stolen from him in Philadelphia. Russell recently spotted what he thought was his car on an eBay listing. He checked the vehicle identification number on the website with the one on the car's title certificate and found they were a match.

That's when he contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for help. Detectives tracked down the car in East Los Angeles.

Amazingly, the car was returned to him in fair condition. It's now valued at about $23,000. He had originally paid $3,000 for it. Russell, who now lives in Texas, said the real value was sentimental.

Investigators don't have any information about who may have taken the car in the first place decades ago.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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