'Cooking With Jack' caters to average Joes


Jack Scalfani's show caters to regular Joes. He tapes four shows at a time in his own kitchen, testing recipes and making comfort food.

"I am just trying to help everyday people," said Scalfani.

By that, he means people like himself with no formal training.

"I never claim to be a chef, but I love cooking. Cooking is involved in everything we do," said Scalfani.

Through Google Ads on the show's site, repping products and selling sauce, Scalfani is making a living doing what he loves. The response to his no-nonsense style is infectious.

"I'm about ready to hit 8 million views, and I'm 31,000 subscribers and seen in over 95 countries. It's great," Scalfani said.

Ironically, he didn't set out to be a YouTube sensation. He simply wanted to promote the sale of his BBQ sauce business.

"I have the best BBQ sauce you'll ever taste, the best hot BBQ sauce you'll ever taste and the best teriyaki sauce you'll ever taste," said Scalfani.

The hot BBQ sauce is now his best-seller, which is yummy by the way. It is sold in stores and featured in restaurants. It's so popular, people buy it in jugs.

"I think they're just drinking it. I think they're drinking it straight," Scalfani joked.

Today's cooking lessons feature hiding veggies in twice-baked potatoes and a segment to help his viewers get that restaurant quality taste at home.

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