Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis take political mud-slinging to a new level in 'The Campaign'


Ferrell costars with Zach Galifianakis as rival politicians, vying for a congressional seat in North Carolina.

The two take mud-slinging to a whole new comedic level.

"I think this movie is representative of so many of the campaigns we've seen between the Republican primaries, a lot of those congressional raises, the rise of the Tea Party, and just all how combustible it's gotten," Ferrell said.

The duo is heading out on a real old-fashioned whistle-stop tour, taking this media blitz to St. Louis, Dallas, Chicago and other cities. And in the spirit of the event, they took questions from their "constituents," who asked things like what they would do if they were sent to Washington.

"I would do exactly what the Congress people are doing right now: nothing. I'd just hang out in Washington., go to great restaurants," Ferrell said.

"Maybe go to a ribbon cutting at Arby's or a Six Flags," Galifianakis added.

"The Campaign" is in theaters Aug. 10.

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