Veteran actors Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman talk 'Dark Knight'


The dynamic duo has certainly enjoyed the ride. They say acting now gives them a "deeper" feeling than they got 30 years ago.

"But you're the same kid, actually," Morgan said. "You still get a big kick out of make believe. That's the way I've always looked at it."

In "The Dark Knight Rises," some of that make-believe involves some pretty scary stuff. Moms may wonder if their young children can go see this movie.

"They can go see it because there is mayhem, but no more than normal mayhem," Morgan said. "I don't think that there is anything that would change a 9-year-old's approach to life."

"There is a very good morality to it about good and evil," Caine added.

Working on such a high-profile project has helped raise the profile of these veteran actors among younger moviegoers all around the world.

"I live in London. I was walking along Piccadilly, which is like 5th Avenue (in New York), and there was a party, little 14-year-old Japanese girls and they all recognized me from Alfred," Caine said. "They had no idea what my name was, they just all pointed at me, started laughing and saying 'Alfred.'"

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