Famous film cars go to high-end auction block


RM Auctions' new California office is gearing up for its big sale next month in the city of Monterey. Among the highlights is an ultra-rare Ford GT40 racecar from the 1960s.

"This is one of three of the Gulf Mirage lightweights that was raced extensively," said Vinnie Mandzak, a car specialist at RM Auctions. "It raced in Le Mans. It raced in Daytona."

But its provenance doesn't end there. It's even more valuable because it was part of movie history in the 1971 film "Le Mans."

"What they actually did was really modify this car by chopping the roof off and installing a camera rig and having a cameraman in the car," said Mandzak.

The car didn't appear in the film, but was pivotal to its realism, able to help cameras catch the on-track action at speed.

With all that history, the car will sell for well into the millions of dollars, perhaps a much as $10 million.

Another high-dollar car in the RM Auction is a rare Ferrari 250, with its own connection to the movies.

"And that car was actually featured in the movie 'The Love Bug' with 'Herbie'," said Mandzak.

A few weeks earlier, Profiles in History will be sending a Porsche 928 to the auction block. Oh, but it's not just any Porsche.

"This is the car from 'Risky Business,' one of the most beloved movies. Tom Cruise launched his career. This is the car," said Joe Maddalena, president and CEO of Profiles in History.

There were actually three used in the film. And no, this one isn't the car that went into the lake. It's the main car that appeared in most of the close-up scenes.

What helps a movie car's value is if it's perfectly cast into the film. In the case of "Risky Business" and the Porsche 928, it was a perfect car for Tom Cruise's character to swipe from his parents.

After successfully eluding a pursuing pimp, he even uttered the brand's advertising slogan: "Porsche -- there is no substitute."

There'll be no substitute for financial means to nab this famous car. It could go for up to $50,000. And the man handling the sale knows one guy who could easily afford it.

"Tom, if you're out there, please come and buy the car. This car is calling your name. You should have this car. It belongs in your collection," said Maddalena.

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