White wines tested to find best for summer party


Wine experts with Consumer Reports tested sampled pinot grigios and 16 rieslings.

"Pinot grigio is a fairly simple varietal. It's generally dry, and it's leaner and lighter than many other white wines," said Paul Reynolds of Consumer Reports.

Pinot grigio is good with light pasta dishes or grilled fish. Rieslings can vary a lot.

"Drier rieslings are quite versatile and go well with everything from pork, veal and scallops to milder cheeses," Reynolds said.

And a sweeter riesling can be a good dessert wine. When Consumer Reports' tests were done, there were plenty of very good, inexpensive wines to choose from. For riesling, the 2010 Hogue Late Harvest topped the ratings. It costs $10 a bottle. For a pinot grigio, try the 2010 Black Swan Vineyards. It rated "very good," and it costs a $8 a bottle.

Another pinot grigio that Consumer Reports rated "very good" is even less expensive. It's the Pinot Grigio Wine Cube 2010 from Target. It comes in a box and costs $18, but it's the equivalent of four regular bottles. But be aware, if you're shopping for it, it's not available at every Target, so check before you go.

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